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If you are a company or an organization looking to offset carbon emissions, click here

5 tones CO2

5 tones CO2

5000 Kilograms

By planting only one moringa tree, you offset 86 kg CO2 in the first year and 1032 kg over 12 years.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Moringa Tree
CO2: -86 kg
5,00$every month until canceled
Offset 1000 kg CO2
by planting Moringa Trees
5,00$every month until canceled
  • What kind of tree is it? ​

    We are planting Moringa trees, which  is a highly sustainable solution, because the moringa tree can absorb 20 times more CO2 than other trees and has one of the fastest-growing biomasses in the world. By planting Moringa trees, we protect the climate and empower the people to protect themselves.

    With the Moringa, we found the perfect product that grows in dry areas and creates jobs for the local communities – thereby creating impact where it is needed the most. This makes Nigeria a perfect location to implement this project.

  • What is in the price included?

    With ABOUT CLIMATE you are not only planting a tree, you are combating climate change, decreasing desertification, creating jobs and giving underdeveloped communities access to food, water, education and medical assistance.

    Economic development: The trees' fruits and the products derived from every part of the tree can expose local farmers to international markets and offering further income opportunities.

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