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Leading everyone
into a carbon-neutral future and securing a return on investment, while creating a social and environmental impact!

One of the great challenges today is that we often feel untouched by the problems of others and by global issues like climate change, even when we could easily do something to help. We do not feel strongly enough that we are part of a global community, part of a larger “we”. Giving people access to data most often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, not empowered and poised for action. 


We all know how badly it stands around our planet and nevertheless we ignore the problem! But we must act now to still be able to do something meaningful, otherwise it's too late!

With ABOUT CLIMATE we offer the most effective way to invest in the fight against climate change right now. Our science-based, natural solutions help you offset your carbon impact - and become climate positive. transparency is our top priority, which is why we offer all the monitoring options on our platform to see and share your positive impact.

We want to go the extra mile and bring you closer to the impact you contribute to, while ensuring that local projects receive as much support as possible. One of our key goals is to strengthen local communities and create social impact. We invest in digital tools and infrastructure to create transparency and ensure that support reaches the ground.

We are the team of


We fight against climate change and wanted to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. Therefore we help companies implement and operate carbon programs while managing and trading carbon asset through expertise.

Our goal is a brand that can convey trust to the customers that their contribution really has an impact. A tool that provides real-time biomass and tree planting to offset CO2 emissions while improving the lives within local communities.  

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a sustainable, eco-friendly and profitable business in order to help local farmers, their families and communities in the region. By providing income and education while fighting the effects of climate change, we create a sustainable path to economic empowerment for marginalized communities.


Climate change has created a situation in which soil erosion and desertification spreads rapidly, while making it increasingly difficult to plant trees due to these very issues. 

We focus on creating opportunities for local farmers and communities across the region, reducing CO2 globally, fighting desertification while maintaining a sustainable model of operation.


Let’s work together and fight the rising CO2 levels, while creating equal opportunities for men and women and ensuring more stability, healthcare, jobs, education while fostering an environment where people stop dreaming of possibilities and are able to really achieve them.

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